Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New project and some new blogs

I have been busy designing and creating the applique and caption for my latest small quilt. I took pictures of the things I like in my sewing room and made them into applique. Instead of my quilt magazines I put myself having a design idea. Since this is my first attempt to put myself into a project I wanted to put some text that would inspire me as I sewed (I plan to hang it above the sewing machine).

I decided on "The art of sewing" across the top and "stash design create" along the bottom edge. You can view and download the text.  It is written in swash italics. My cupboard holds the stash, my head holds the designs and my sewing machine and pins help me create.
I have included my sewing machine and me as jpg's so you can use them and resize them if you like.

I couldn't draw the cloud on the computer so I just did it by hand after I printed it out.

I had some time to look at some blogs yesterday.
Thanks to Ines of Granny's House I found a cute cat for all seasons at Ellie's Quiltplace. You can applique or use stitchery to make a hanging or a cushion cover.

Thanks to Simone at Quilting and Stitchery Diary I will follow Birds Home BoM at Quiltecke with interest. Starts 15th Feb.
Happy quilting,
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