Monday, June 20, 2016

Planner Pages with a Quilting Theme

I love designing and I have just started designing some printable planner pages for my Kikki K large planner. I had a look around the internet and didn't find many planner pages decorated with a sewing or patchwork theme.

There are a few planners for quilters that have project trackers or swap list pages but they don't have decorations on them.

I love to colour in and I have found it very satisfying to colour in the flying geese. It is fun to watch the page come alive as you move around the border.

I am steadily publishing the flying geese themed pages in my Etsy shop. 

You can find a free sample on my Organising Blog.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Monday, May 2, 2016

Some Patchwork and Homespun for Free at Your Online Library

I bought mum a thermolactyl fleece blanket for Mother's Day. I wanted to put a little label on it and decided to use a small block.

I have been watching the Splendid Sampler from the side lines and saw this cute scrappy star by Corey Yoder and thought it would be perfect.

I spend a lot of time on my Doll Clothes blog and my other various themed blogs. See them listed in the side bar.

Did you know that Homespun magazine is available for free as an e-zine from your library online.

I love reading it on my tablet using the Zinnio app. Many of the articles, ads and projects have live links for convenient browsing.

You can also register for free on the Homespun web page and download the project patterns as PDFs for free. I have been collecting the Foxy Village blocks. I make a folder for each block and take screen shots of the instructions from the magazine to go with the pattern PDF.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Working on 'I Love My Cat' Applique Quilt

Thought I better bite the bullet and try to find some background fabrics for the cat quilt. I have been putting it off because I have lots of dark novelty prints and large patterns that are difficult to work with in a quilt. Great for tote bags though.

I have very few blenders or even light colours. I decided on a fairly dark background for this block because the lighter florals that I tried made the cat look a bit washed out.

Another thing I noticed is that I seem to have a smaller cat than the one in the magazine. I enlarged this pattern ages ago and probably had another use for it in mind. I just assumed I had the right size for the quilt. Never mind. I will make the other cats the right size. This block has some foot prints on it so it will fill up OK.

This cute quilt is by Lynette Anderson. See my first post about it.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Friday, November 6, 2015

Joining in 'Bag It' Week 1

Decided I needed a bit of zippy therapy so I am joining in with the Bag It fun at Elm Tree Quilts. See the button on the side bar.

I am not very good at following instructions so I did fudge this one a bit except for the size.

I am trying to use up some scraps.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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