Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to the North Pole SAL update for April

I have been busy sewing my felt stitchery and getting ready to have a stall at the local Easter Fair the last couple of weeks. I have also spent a bit of time on Pinterest. I found this lovely completed quilt by Gail Muller. I can't find anything about her or the quilt show it was in.

Link to the pin on my board

We sold a dozen items or so at the market and lots of people admired our work.
We were selling our fused glass pendants and earrings and some polished amber.

You can see my fused glass story here
Well you know what is coming now. I have to say I didn't get any further on my North Pole table runner this month. I hope you all managed to get some done.

I found some lovely clothes collections for paper dolls that I want to make into patterns for my American Girl 18" doll. I also wanted to sew on the machine rather than by hand. I have started the pinafore dress in this picture and will gradually create patterns for each item.

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Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Woolly Thinking

Woolly thinking is a super power isn't it? I am really good at it sometimes. But this time I mean thinking about wool and felt and being creative with it.

Wool fabric and felt is so nice to work with and so forgiving of my stitching skills.

Thanks to Madame Samm and Pauline for this great blog hop.  
Thanks to DMC for sponsoring the hop.

I would like to share some of my woolly work with you today.
I made this one especially for the blog hop. I intend to make it into a cushion cover to place in my favourite places so I can look at it.

I had a lot of fun with this design. It is from the book  Fanciful Stitches Colourful Quilts by Laura Wasilowski. I used variegated stranded DMC threads for all the stitching. I love my collection of DMC embroidery threads. I bought the whole lot a while back when cross stitch was my favourite thing. I needed the variations of one colour for the shading affects so I decided I needed them all.

Another felty piece I just finished is the the little scene I blogged about here.

I am also working on Summertime a lovely felty quilt. I have a separate blog for this quilt. The link is in my sidebar.

My first attempt at designing my own little scene is this pin cushion I made. Blog post and free pattern.

I love it when there are give aways on these blog hops but instead of one winner I thought I would finally upload a pattern I have designed onto Craftsy and make it free. I hope you like it.

Applique Sheep Farm
If you are not already a member of Craftsy please join up through my affiliate link below. Craftsy give me a small commission if new members sign up through my link. It is free to join up.
(The easiest way to get the pattern is to come back here and click the Visit my shop link)

Join Craftsy here

If you have already joined you can download the free pattern from the link below.
When you visit my Craftsy shop please click the follow button to follow me. This means you can see when I put up new patterns or project ideas. Some I will charge for but I love to make free designs.

Get the pattern from Craftsy

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Paper Pieced Bee

I downloaded this cute hexagon bee quite a while back. I printed it out and then forgot about it until I saw a post about it recently somewhere. Naturally I had to print it out again. I have no idea where I put it or where I saved the file on my computer. Luckily I had pinned the link to the free pattern when I saw it again.

Not quite sure what I will do with it or if I will make more.

If you don't have this pattern yet why not pin it before downloading it.
Thanks to Amy at Badskirt blog for this one.

I will be posting on 17th for the Super Power blog hop. It continues again today. You can see the list of blogs here.

If you like free patterns and digital papers and all sorts of crafty things and you don't mind signing your life away to register you might have a look at It is a craft magazine site that really want you to subscribe to their magazine but I can get past that because they had some lovely craft. I am just about to download a pattern for a cute felt mouse softy. Well worth a look.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nut Butter in the Food Processor

I found a method for peanut butter on Pinterest. The website is here.

I used 2 cups of mixed nuts from Aldi - no peanuts.
I have a Kenwood old processor and used blade.
Peanuts have a lot of oil but the other nuts don't. This meant I had to add the oil after two mixes. I put 2 tbs of rice oil in. I had to mix and scrape down every 30 sec or so.
I added 2 more tbs of oil, 1 tsp of honey and a pinch of salt.
I mixed in 30 sec goes a few more times until I decided it wasn't going to go really smooth and i figured the mixer was hot enough.

It tastes great and is at least half the price of nut butters in the shop.

Here it is in the mixer.

A close up so you can see it is not completely smooth.

It makes a bit over a cup.

Happy Quilting and Cooking,
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