Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 6 and a Tea Cosy

The day got away from yesterday so he are the 6 blocks done.

I spent most of today finishing off my tea cosy. Here are a couple of quick iPad photos. I had fun doing the teacup and teapot quilting pattern. I had only just found it on Pinterest this morning.

It keeps the tea lovely and hot :)

Happy Quilting,



Friday, December 28, 2012

12 blocks - Day 4

4 blocks put together. It is quite easy to do one small thing a day. Wish I could find the discipline to do this for everything. It works quite well with the housework but I can only imagine what I could accomplish if I did more small parts of big things each day. I keep trying to do this but I often get wrapped up in one thing like wanting to finish a book or do cross stitch all day or watch DVD's all day and then I lose track. Right now I am going to get some chocolate left over from Christmas and watch the final series of Alias :)

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 blocks - day 2

I am making a 12 days of Christmas table runner with blocks that have increasing numbers of parts to match the day number. The 12 days of Christmas starts on Dec 25th but there was no way I was going to find time to get into the sewing room yesterday so I am starting on day 2 with two blocks.
I chose a collection of Christmas fabrics that seemed to go together pretty well and decided on 6 inch finished blocks. I cut one square for block one then made a half square triangle block for block 2.
Not sure what I will do for a three piece block yet but that is tomorrow's block.

I also did some cross stitch today and finished my first needle book cover that will be part of my gift collection for the quilting group members next Christmas.

I have been thinking about my Welcome to the North Pole quilt. I will be using bright modern Christmas fabrics to make the houses. Probably the same ones I am using for the 12 days table runner. I will have to buy more for final borders and binding but there is plenty of time to sort that out. I will need to buy quite a bit of white for the backgrounds and soon. Probably a set of self patterned white fat quarters.

Several of you showed an interest in working on this quilt pattern next year. You might want to start choosing some fabrics and decide if you want to make the pattern exactly as in the book or make a few adjustments. I am working on a plan of action that we can all follow. Suggestions are welcome.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Year of MIni Quilts

I am so going to have to make a set of mini quilts next year after seeing these sets at Patchability .

I was so excited I had to start with December. Besides, I had to make something with the fabric I bought on special last year.

I had a bit of trouble with the writing but I know I can improve it.

The pattern is not quite ready to go up but I will tidy it up for later. I have changed the flower head arrangement a bit so it looks more compact.

Christmas Bells are an Australian plant that flowers in the summer. I was intrigued by the powers attributed to it on this bushflower site

Happy Quilting and Merry Christmas,


Cross Stitch Advent Calendar - free

Download from here.

Good project for next year.

Happy Quilting and Cross Stitching



Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love Pie

For some reason I haven't felt like getting the Christmas fabrics out but I have felt the need to applique. I dug out my Two Hour Mini Quilt Projects book and changed the pie design from portrait to landscape. I figure I can share my pie, apple and bird since they are only similar, just not in the same configuration as in the book. It's not that hard to work it out from my finished project photo.

I wasn't completely happy with my choice of the hat fabric for the border but I love the hat fabric and I love the applique so I am happy enough. It looks very handsome on my kitchen counter.
I practiced mitreing the corners of the border.

I cut the backing fabric about two inches bigger then did the quilting and trimmed the backing to one inch. I then folded it in and sewed it like binding. I haven't done this before. I seems to be a good way to finish smaller things.

I downloaded some colouring in letters (saved in my Pinterest) and planned to make a tea towel but it got transformed into a counter mat along the way. I put interfacing on the top half to do the applique then cut a piece of wadding just a bit smaller than the half tea towel. I folded it in half, did some quilting and then sewed two rows around the outside. The tea towel was 3 for $4.99 at Spotlight.

You can download the drawings from my Google docs

It is very hot in Brisbane today. 37 degrees C outside. It got to 30 inside and we have just put the air conditioner on. I nipped outside real quick to get a couple of photos in the sunlight. It was way too hot to play with props. Both these mats are twice as big as a mug rug. I call them counter mats. I need them bigger so I can fit on my mug, my tea pot and my cake plate and sometimes a little tea bag dish to put my tea infuser if I use one.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Birthday Blog Hop Give away winner

It's a bit tiny but is says no. 32

Bea of Beaquilter blog is the lucky winner of my give away.
Congratulations Bea.

Thanks everyone who entered. I was amazed at all the fabulous books suggested and the favourite projects were so varied.

I tried to reply to all the comments. Sorry if one or two slipped through.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some free things around

I have seen so many blogs in the past week and there are so many nice free things out there. Just thought I would make a list of my favourites.

I have also made a list of all the books suggested in my give away comments up to about comment 110. There are about 50 different authors and books of all types. You can download the list from my left hand side bar.

Some favourite things -

Mouse pin cushion

Apple and pear pincushions

Cute cup and mug hot pads or coasters

I love this chicken stitchery

Make covered button magnets

Red Brolly Christmas sampler ( From last year - I might make it this year)

Another cute mouse

A cute stuffed doggie

Patterns for the cutest jungle animals in felt - 4 parts to download

I have no sewing done and no decorations up. Too busy reading an Elm Creek book  and another Rebecca Collins Pemberley book.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Needle Keep with magnet

Busy, busy I was, making a secret Santa gift for the Beenleigh Quilters Wednesday group Christmas party. The lovely lady likes flowers and pink and green and I wanted to do something a little more than patchwork so I found some cute garden themed stitcheries and one piece of green fabric with flowers. I had to rack my brains for what else I had in my stash and I thought of the batch of little scraps.

I drew up a plan and thought it might be best to have a simple closure that didn't require any manipulation. I find it a pest doing up bows or using buttons. I decided on a small magnetic clasp and when it was finished I realised that the magnet was perfect for holding a needle while cutting thread.

I had seen on Pinterest all those cute felt flowers with beads on them so I added a bead in the centre of each flower. What I need now is a way to make the little flowers more perfect. I just cut these ones out with scissors but there must be  one of those cutters that has a little flower template.

I was quite happy with how it turned out. I think my stitching is improving a bit :)

The mailman delivered two great parcels the other day. One was some felt I had ordered from the States and the other was from a generous blogger Glenda at Patchwork Dreams . She had some silk left over from a project that I commented on and she sent me a nice piece. It's gorgeous.

I have only just started looking at the Birthday give away blog hop at the Quilters Fun blog.

Visit my give away post and all the others in the hop. There seem to be some great give aways.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Give Away Today - comments now closed.

I told the neighbour's cat that he would be included if he didn't look out.

See the book list so far in the left hand side bar - about 50 authors and books

I have registered with the Quilter's Blog Hop Party with Give Aways. I'm sure there will be something for everybody so after you enter my give away click on the button to find the list of blogs with give aways.

While you are here check out my new page for Stumpy the cat.

I have just started looking at some tea sites. I have their buttons in the left hand side bar. I am going to try to join in their linky parties each week. There are so many pretty tea things.

I have also just discovered a sewing lady with a beautiful Newfoundland. I nearly cried looking at her blogs including him. Here is a picture of my dear Lupi 2000 - 2009
Anyway, she has a nice free newsletter with some free designs and an emag that you have to pay for but I like her designs. Bustle and Sew.

Also, if you think we have something in common why not follow me. I am always looking for bloggers like me. I will visit you and check you out.

I have four things to give away:
A fabulous A to Z of Quilting book
A cute pear pattern
2 fat quarters of Urban Landscapes fabric

To enter -  Leave a comment telling me the name of a good book you have read or a favourite sewing project you have made.

Entries will close on Dec 16th 12pm Brisbane time.

(I am always looking for good books and good sewing ideas so I am hoping you can help me out.)

Before you go check out my favourite free things in my latest post

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Friday, December 7, 2012

Zippy Purse - Dumpling Challenge with Linky

These dumplings were a lot of fun.
We are using the dumpling pattern from Michelle Patterns. It is a free PDF download pattern and a good tutorial.

There are so many cute faces and extra bits like ears or handles or even legs that you can include.
There were a couple of difficult moments as I made my first one but nothing I can't hide.

Here is my first one. Don't tell anyone but the lining ended up on the outside :D

My second dumpling has Annie's Soft and Stable as wadding. Quite expensive but it gives it a nice firm and flexible finish. If there isn't a cat embellishment then it has to be a chicken. Chickens are so versatile just like cats.
I attached this one to my good old selvedge tote.

That's my little fold up hair brush and lippy in the purse.

Of course I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't at least try to do something a bit different. This next one is not an actual dumpling but many of you know that if it is not a cat or a chicken it has to be a teapot. So here is my attempt at a teapot zippy.

I know how difficult it is to write instructions and I know I tend to leave out some vital steps but for those who pretty much know how to make a zippy purse I have added a PDF with the pattern and some basic instructions.

Today is my first go a a linky party. I know there are a few of you who were going to make a dumpling so please link up your dumpling blogpost. I will leave it open till the end of December for others who feel the need to join in.

Link up with the your post not your whole blog.
Say you are linking up to this page on your blog post.
Only link with your dumpling purse post. We will have other zippy purse challenges next year.
I still love to get your comments even if you are not linking up.

Dumpling Zippy Purse Challenge Linky Party

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WIP: Cat Quilt

Such a flurry of activity since last Wednesday. I did a bit more on Nanna's Farm but great progress was made on the cat quilt. I now have some of the rows sewn together and when I make a note of what has been doe so far I feel like it is under control.

Bug Fabric had a great sale last week so I bought some cute cat fabric for the backing and cat words fabric for the 1st and 3rd borders. I probably should have bought another yard of the backing fabric but I so wanted the bird fabrics and I had to get a yard of each. Seven yards is the limit in the post pack before the postage jumps and I couldn't afford to add another seven yards. It worked out at about $7.55 per metre (since we talk in metres) even with postage. The bird fabrics are Nature's Walk Journal and Nature's Walk Birds by Clothworks. I will post pictures when I make something with them.

So far I have sewn two of the sides of 4 1/4 inch squares for the 2nd border and have the other two piles ready to sew. Ages ago I pieced the binding and ran it through my Simplicity binding and bias machine to fold it.

I have been doing quilt as you go by putting wadding on every block and quilting around the applique. It is quite easy to sew the blocks together and press the seam open. I will do the borders in strips with wadding and quilt them before sewing them on. I will then spray baste the backing on in one piece and stitch in the ditch down and across the blocks to hold the backing on place. The quilting is not as glamorous as long arm quilting but I like to do it myself.

I was looking at Pinterest and found a lovely Christmas quilt that comes in a book. With practiced ease I clicked over to The Book Depository UK and bought the book with Paypal. I didn't even have to move. I so love internet buying. I paid $15.39 and free postage.It's called Welcome to the North Pole. The picture will take you to their site.

I was wondering if anyone else had this design and would like to work on it during 2013. It is now my latest WIP . The pages are nearly all stuck together with drool. Not really. I like to keep my books like new. But I just love all the little houses.

This week I am linking up with:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Just had an urge to share my cute mugs and spoons with everyone. I get a lot of pleasure from using them. I bought them last week when I had lunch with the daughters and my mum at the Tea Centre cafe in Brisbane. They have all sorts of Japanese and Chinese pots and cups.

Thanks to Tuesday Treasures with Melody I can get away with non sewing posts. Go visit and see what others treasure this week.

I discovered a Friends Sharing Tea blog linky and have linked up there too.

I think linking up can become addictive :D
I have also linked up with Antiques and Teacups. She has the most delicious looking Earl Grey and chocolate cake recipe.
Maybe one or two more - Rose Chintz Cottage Tea time Tuesday

Happy Quilting


Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Japanese Teapot

Spending way to much time as usual surfing the web I rediscovered a list of BoMs at that lead me to two wonderful teapot BoMs.
The Tea Time BoM is on now up to block 4 of 12 and it seems they will be available all the time. The blocks are in the right side bar.

The Asian Teapots at Angie's Bits and Pieces are lovely but most are now available by subscription only. I will be using them for inspiration for some personal projects.

I have been taking pictures of my classical teapots for a while now and drawing silouettes and applique elements but seeing the Asian ones made me get out my little Japanese pot with the birdie on top. I use it a lot because it has a strainer bowl inside but I like to keep it in the cabinet so it will be safe. It was a gift from DD1 after one of her trips to Japan a while ago.

I put together an applique design using fabrics from my stash. I would love to buy some fabrics just for making teapot blocks. Maybe next year. I like the finished product but already I can see where I will make a few little changes to the shape. I quite like the bit of wonkiness at the base of the cup but I think the base of the teapot has to taper in a bit towards the bottom. It looks a bit like a saucepan now.

This 12 inch block will be number two in my collection of blocks with my favourite things as themes. Things like cats, chickens, owls, teapots and anything else that takes my fancy. Since this one is a valspierssews original I am happy to share it. I haven't made the changes but I am sure you can fix it if you want to. I have made up a PDF with photo, layout and reversed elements.

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