Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Macaroons by valspiers
Macaroons, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

We are leaving Paris today. We stayed in Blv St Germaine and the area was delightful. There were little parks, a fresh produce market, a quilting fabric shop and lots of little specialty shops and cafes. I had to try some macaroons and just remembered to take a picture before I scoffed them all.
Happy quilting,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhof gardens by valspiers
Keukenhof gardens, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

We are in Amsterdam for a few days. Today we went to the keukenhof gardens and the tulips and flower exhibitions were just amazing. Well worth a trip. It only runs for 2 months to showcase the growers bulbs. Luckily the trip plan placed us here just before it closes til next spring. Tomorrow we are off the see some windmills and traditional cheese carrying.
Happy quilting,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Designer bag

Designer bag by valspiers
Designer bag, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

Our last day in Rome and mum and I wandered up and down the Via Nazionale. There are so many wonderful shops. I just couldn't resist this bag even though I am not sure how to squeeze it in my luggage. I have never heard of the designer but it is a Braccialini of Firenze.
Tomorrow we leave the group tour and head off on our own. Very exciting.
Happy shopping,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinque Terre

  by valspiers
, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

Just another quick photo. This is the beach at Montoresso in the morning. There were some sunbakers later in the day but the water is pretty cold.



  by valspiers
, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

The shopping mall in Milan was very beautiful as well as having all the designer stores. Thanks again for the comments on my last post. At present mum and I are with an organized group tour with Sew Inspirations for the Australia Sewing Guild. Need I say more :) We are shopping for fabrics and notions and fashions with some sight seeing thrown in. On may 16 this tour finishes and mum and I continue to Siena, Amsterdam, Paris , then the UK.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bellagio Lake Como

Bellagio Lake Como by valspiers
Bellagio Lake Como, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

We had the most beautiful weather the day we went on the ferry on Lake Como. The mountains were steep and imposing. The villages were so picturesque and the shops in Bellagio were so interesting. I bought a lovely sandwich plate with lemons painted on it and a diamanté style bracelet with a jeweled dog on it. A bit hard to explain but it is cute. We visited the silk museum in Como today and I bought the most exquisite silk scarf for 19 euros and a silk tie for DH for 26 euros - about $25 and $34.
Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am having a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Venice by valspiers
Venice, a photo by valspiers on Flickr.

What an amazing place. We have walked all over. I bought two cute watches and a hand bag. We went to a cooking class today. Tomorrow is a morning in Venice then off to Lake Como. Hope you are all well. Thanks for the good wishes for the trip. Sorry I am not really into checking your blogs. It is all eat, walk and sleep.
Happy Quilting,

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