Friday, March 18, 2022

Christmas Quilt BOM

I've just spent 10 days with no modem. I could only get patchy internet through my phone data. So I had plenty of time to sew my quilt instead of running the doll clothes pattern business.

I'm not a fan of quilting a whole quilt on my little sewing machine so I use spray baster to attach wadding to each individual block. There are 8 combo style blocks.

I then quilt the blocks as I choose.
I love free motion quilting.

As I finish quilting the blocks I trim off the excess wadding and sew them together.

This gives me seams in the wadding. I have used this method a lot and the seams aren't noticeable when the quilt is finished.

Four more blocks to quilt then I will spray baste strips of wadding onto the border strips and quilt them.
Then I'll sewn the borders.

When I do the backing I do some straight line quilting between the main blocks just to hold it onto the backing. Then it's time for the binding.

So quilt a lot to go but I am making great progress so far.

Happy Patchwork and Quilting,

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Christmas Quilt BOM

I recently pulled out my Christmas quilt to see if I could make some progress this year and get it finished before another Christmas goes past.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the last post about this quilt was August 2017. That is like a life time ago! 

I have got my 2022 goals sorted and finishing some sewing projects is one of my intentions this year.

I looked in the box and found that I have blocks 1 to 5 completed. This is very encouraging.

Block 6 was well under way and that is the one I am working on now.

I fused the little applique circles on and hope to stitch them in the next few days. 

There are lots of other things on my goals list for this year so I just want to fit in the quilt when I feel like it.

I have been procrastinating on the star block because I don't like the idea of cutting all the little triangles. However, I was doing some tidying and found my special triangle cutting ruler. You end up with triangles that have their long side on the straight grain. 

I have just paused to think where I stashed the ruler after finding it. I'm hoping it's in the draw of my cutting table. Let's check before going on..... What a relief it was right where I thought it was!

This is a beautiful small quilt and I really want to get it done this year. At least then I will have room for starting another BOM kit. I love getting all the fabric and instructions on where it all goes. I can design my own colour scheme but sometimes it is nice just to have it all set out for you.

Although I don't allocate a lot of my time to regular sewing projects (not doll clothes) I hope to consistently make progress on my UFO's throughout the year.

Happy Sewing,


Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Christmas BOM from Gum Valley Patchwork

I got an ad on my Facebook newsfeed for this lovely Christmas BoM called Christmas Delights. It started in April and we are now up to block 5.
I have just finished Block 3.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

My aim is to finish Block 4 before the end of August and then I will get blocks 5 and 6 done in September.
I am so proud of myself for keeping up so well. All of you who have started BoMs and got behind will know what I mean.

"The quilt was designed by Linda White and is exclusive to Gum Valley Patchwork. It uses Gail Pan's new 'All Things Christmas' fabric range along with some blenders."

Visit Gum Valley Patchwork online to see the finished quilt.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Bit More Piecing on "I Love My Cat"


It looks so much better with more pieces laid out. I have finished the 4 sides. I can't do the other two cats until I get my roll of fusible applique paper. I bought it online on Fishpond and it is coming from the UK. It worked out cheaper than buying it from an Australian seller.

I plan to make it a bit bigger with some borders.

It will look something like this. The rectangles in the last border will be made from the same fabrics in the quilt as much as possible.

I will put it aside for now while I wait for the applique paper. In the mean time I will be making some Splendid Sampler blocks.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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