Friday, March 30, 2012

Christmas Through the Year

I can't believe how busy everyone has been leaving comments on my blog. I love it but I am being a bit slow in replying and now I am posting about my second Christmas item and all the lovely ladies in that Christmas club like to visit and leave comments. I will just have to sacrifice some of my sewing time to attend to my blog and do some visiting of other blogs. I think today has to be the day ... after I go out for lunch I will come back and see what everyone else is up to.

I found a very simple purse pattern in my pattern stash and made one up for myself in the pretty vinyl coated fabric I bought in the US then I thought a purse like this would be a good present for the Christmas box. I used a couple of the fat quarters from my new fabric stash. It only uses a strip off the end of each one and I found a button to put on the front. The trickiest bit is getting the zipper tidy. There is a zipper pocket for change and a pocket behind for the folding stuff.
You can still get the tutorial from Sew Christine blog spot
Scroll down the picture list to the blue one with the dragonflies on it.

 You can also join in Christmas through the year any month. See what is happening at Darlene's blog and Cheryl's blog. Darlene has the Mr linky at the end of the month so you can see what everyone is making.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 Christmas item a month

I have been whipping up a storm in my sewing room the last few weeks.  Finally I have most of my new things at least upstairs in the sewing room or spare room if not put away.

I have my coverlocker, overlocker and sewing machine on the go.

After ironing and folding my quilting stash looks pretty small.

I could look at and squeeze these felted wools all day :D
I finished up a tea towel and a casserole holder yesterday for my Christmas item. I decorated one tea towel then cut up the second one to make the holder side of the casserole holder.

There are two squares left to make pot holders or pot stands. I will try to get them done before I lose interest. I have some red tea towels and chicken fabric that I will use to make my Christmas through the year project. They are the sort of thing that only lasts a year or so in full use so I don't think it matters how many sets I have around for gifts.
I have been trying to get back in the rhythm of looking at my blog and replying to all the comments as well as commenting on my favourite blogs. The last two weeks have just disappeared. It was lovely to hear from all my friends again even though I have been a bit quiet over the last month. Maybe before the end of the year I will actually have some quilt blocks to show off :)

You can see what everyone has been making for Christmas over at our lovely hostess's blog Pins and Whiskers. Narelel has a page link in the menu at the top to pictures of all the finishes.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some trip highlights and 3 bags full

I had such a wonderful time in San Francisco and Portland and Puyallup. I was just stunned by the range of fabrics that the clothes were made out of in Saks. A nice price tag as well. It was fun to see things that I had only heard about or seen in movies. Macy's, Saks, Walgreens and Fishermans Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge and trolly cars.  I took a tour bus to Muirs Wood and walked through the Redwood forest then caught the ferry back across the harbour.

I was taken with the redwoods.

In Portland we saw fabrics and buttons and amazing scenery. The coast was very rugged. Mt Hood was a snowy wonderland with the sun out and snow falling at the same time. There were amazing waterfalls along the Columbia River scenic road.

Josephines Dry Goods in Portland
The button shop in Portland
The view from the look out at Cannons Beach
On the way to Mt Hood and Timberline Lodge
Multnomah Falls. So picturesque.
Our local guide was full of stories about the Oregon Trail and pioneer women and the history of the area. I loved her little toy canoe with Lewis and Clark and their trusty Newfoundland dog.

The food was to die for and I put on 2 kg. I had prawns in lobster mornay source at Jakes famous crab house and cherry pie at Cattins diner.

Then I had to get my bags home. I spread everything out when I got home. I bought a tea set, quilting fabrics, dress fabrics, 2 handbags, felted wool for applique, books and patterns and lots of ribbons and equipment. I have been up in my sewing room trying to sew up as many of the dress fabrics as I can so I don't have to put them away. I love sewing the slinky knits and they feel nice to wear too.

The fluffy thing is my great horned owl puppet with swiveling head and blinking eyes

A bag full of ribbons, cottons, scissors, tapes, elastics.

I have just noticed it is the 25th. I think I will decorate a few tea towels for my Christmas commitments. I will whip them up now and put them up tomorrow.
Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fabric sale

I was having too much fun buying fabrics and notions and sight seeing to do much posting. I will do a little summary soon. I get home today. Just wanted to post about the sale. They have some lovely fabrics at half price which makes them very worth while even with the postage from America. Happy quilting, Val
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