Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to the North Pole June update

It is great to see everyone making progress on their blocks. With about 5 months to go there is still lots of time left to work on it but it is probably a good time to rethink or review your plan. I am determined to finish my quilt before this Christmas and may have to speed things up just a little. I need to make sure I have enough wadding and I will also need to purchase some backing and border fabric. I will be keeping my eye out for some discount fabric if possible but if I find the perfect cute fabric I am prepared to pay the price. Gingerbread men or snowmen might be nice for the back and snowflakes for the border.
Here is what it looks like so far. Still quite a lot to go but it is coming together. I changed my Santa and reindeer to a bit more traditional I suppose. The reindeer left on the ground just wasn't slick enough :)

I have been nursing my machine along a bit lately so I have put off applique sewing and put my efforts into cutting and sticking and some straight sewing.
I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Country Cottage Quilting

Since I bought a fabric range to do the Go Wild Garden quilt from this book I figured I had to cut off all that I needed for the quilt before I could play with it. No good having a lovely cushion or tote bag if I don't have quite enough to finish the quilt.

I have been busily cutting and sewing so I now have all the nine patch squares done and all the pieces ready to make the block bases as well as enough for the border squares. The half yard of burgundy should do the narrow inner border.
I put together one block base just to get the feel of it. I am quite happy with how the fabrics have gone together. The appliqué elements will be made up from the darker florals and any other bits that fit.

I calculated that it took me 15 mins to cut out a block and 15 mins to sew a nine patch together. It then took me 15 mins to complete one block base ready for applique. This is 45mins per block x 16.

I now have quite a few pieces of the fabric left to play with though I am thinking a couple of matching pillow cases might be nice with a daisy on one side. The back of the pillow case will just have to be a blending homespun.
OK. That's done and this is what I have left to do the appliqué. I think I can get away with using some for a few small projects. I still have some BOM catching up to do. I don't even know which Wednesday we are up to but I think I need to do a bit more on my North Pole quilt this month.

Happy Quilting

Saturday, June 8, 2013

FNWF and a busy week

On Friday my neighbour rang me just before lunch and said "Are you busy this afternoon?".
I expected she needed someone to mind the kids while she fitted something in. She has 4 young children so I try to help out in tight spots. I was quite excited when she asked me to make a red riding hood cape for her daughter who was off to Guide camp after school. It took me an hour and a half.
From this:

To this:

My official Friday night sewing was some cross stitch. It is a round Christmas decoration with three lovely bells. I am doing it on 16 count aida. I am linking up with FNWF over at Gone Stitchin with Cheryll. There are lots signed up. I will be visiting as many as possible this weekend.

I have been busy making all sorts of things. I found a pattern for knitted slipper socks out of thick wool. I have already worn them and washed them. They are very snug over normal thin socks. If you sign up to Ravelry for free there are lots of free patterns to knit and crochet. The slipper socks are here http://www.ravelry.com/designers/yuko-nakamura

I also tried out a new crochet stitch called lover's knot and made a little scarf to wear with my slippers.

I should have posted my Country Cottage Quilting SAL on Thursday. I had the Hollyhock needle book finished. Here it is.

Because the cover turned out a bit crooked I tried again with a new stitchery but the same book cover design. I love the new free stitcheries from Red Brolly.

I changed the insides quite a bit. I used some applique elements from Some Kind of Wonderful and a purse clasp magnet for the scissors.

Several times I have linked up with Applique Thursday at A Quilting Reader's Garden. Last week Angie offered a book as a give away for those who linked up. I am thrilled to say I won a book on making patchwork landscapes. Thanks Angie.
I suggest you have a look at her blog A Quilting Reader's Garden. She has a hexie Friday too.

I have been trying to avoid knitting dish cloths. You all know why :D
They are extremely addictive.
I have collected some patterns in Pinterest and I bought the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn online at Yarn Over. Yarn Over is based in Brisbane. I worked out that buying about 8 balls from them is a similar price as 8 balls from the US.
I knitted a big one and tried using it but it is just too bulky so I have made several 5 inch ones. I think I will have to have a new one for each day because they take so long to dry. I don't fancy using a cloth that has sat damp for a day. I also found that the dark wine colour ran. I will stick to light colours now.

I cut up some Audra's Iris Garden and Avalon to make 2 1/2 inch squares for Nanna's Farm.

I bought a lovely new book about Amish gardening. It is a lovely look at the life of several families in the garden through the year. I love it. The photos are beautiful.

It is starting to get very wintery here lately. I am thinking I will have to try some baking. Nice puddingy things. Perhaps I will make some things to take to the quilting group. At least that way I don't feel obligated to eat them all.

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Happy Quilting,
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