Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip to Dunedin

I spent a lovely week in Dunedin NZ visiting gardens museums and eco centres. I also managed to buy a gorgeous tea mug and nut bowl from Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens Artisans Gallery. I was starting to wonder if I would find a nice souvenir mug. All the usual ones had quite ugly pictures on them.

Of course we found our way to a quilting shop and I bought a few NZ fabrics and I just had to have this little owl. It is about 4cm high and looks really cute in the cupboard.

I thought the Otago Museum was fabulous. It has a live butterfly forest. We also did a tour to look at seals and albatrosses. We were really lucky and had almost fine weather for the whole week.
All the places we visited are on the My Maps I made in Google maps.  Well worth a look if you plan to visit Dunedin.
I wore my travel jacket the whole time. It was great to have the pockets in the lining.

Zipper pockets for my purse and extra money. Button pocket for my passport and a pen pocket.

A big deep pocket. It was handy for my keys and is big enough for a rolled up tote bag. I even put a rolled up magazine in it.

Since being back home I have started knitting a pair of socks on 4 needles with special wool that makes a nice stripy pattern as you knit. When I finish one I will post a picture.

Happy quilting,

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