Stumpy the cat

Stumpy is the last of our faithful friends. He was my cat from the beginning whereas the others were always someone else's in the family. Blacky was DD2's cat, Tommy was DH's cat, Stimpy was generally shared and Elmo was a foster cat that needed a home because his owners moved away.
So Stumpy is the centre of attention now.
He gets a bit lonely I think but he is not inclined to play much at his age. He gets to go outside whenever he likes but mostly he can be found asleep not far from me wherever I am.

Up until 2009 his best buddy was Lupi the Newfoundland.
Just Chillin'
He started out in a pet shop and I nearly didn't get him but he had such a special tail or lack there of that I just had to go back and buy him. I was going to call him bunny because that is what he look like but it was finally decided that Stumpy was more macho and more appropriate.

You can just notice here that he has a stumpy tail. We think he is a cross with a Japanese bobtail because he has very long back legs and talks a lot.

The above picture is one of my favourites.

Blacky was always a bit of a loner. She once ran away for three weeks but ended up coming back home and staying. It is a pretty good place for cats here.

Here he helps me with my first quilt.
Here he helps me with my blog photos.

Above, Kitty and Stumpy help us with Christmas Breakfast one year. I had to keep a close eye on them while I took the photo.
You can just see Kitty's little black stumpy tail. DH found her at a car yard as a kitten and just had to bring her home to be with  Stumpy. Her original name was Stimpy but Kitty always seemed appropriate.

It was natural to meet other quilting cats and Brunnie was one that even made posts with the help of Tracee from Quilt Kitty Loves Life. He and Stumpy were friends.

Stumpy loves the new bed I made him May 2013

There have been a few changes over the years. Stumpy is now our only pet. We have also moved house. Stumpy weathered the move really well. As soon as he saw his couch (the one he is on in the photo above) he jumped up on the back and just settled in. The movers had hardly put it down before he recognised it.

He now sleeps in my craft room behind the sewing machine. You will only just recognise his bed. It is not quite so new any more. I give it a shake once in a while but the fur is pretty much permanently adhered to the blanket surface.

You will notice he has some cancer on his nose. I just keep an eye on it. He has turned 20 this year. What a trooper and a faithful friend. We are as one!

My dear boy died just before Christmas 2017. He is sorely missed.

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