Friday, June 17, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

I have three blocks to show today. The first one is made from strips I had left over from my Christmas quilt and I just placed them on the diagonal.

The second one is also Christmas fabrics but I bought these in a scraps bag. I love all these traditional style fabrics with gold highlights rather than the Moda style brights and cartoons.

It is actually square!
My third one is also from a scraps bag. Some of the pieces are excess partially made blocks. The two triangles in the middle were already sewn together.

I have a good collection of scraps from my own projects now so I am going to start using them to make some blocks. I don't know whether I am patient enough to wait till I have enough blocks to make a quilt. I might start making some place mats or pot holders just to have some fun sewing.

This week coming I am determined to finish my overcoat. I am thinking positive thoughts about flying to Adelaide in three weeks time. I want clear skies!

It is fun to find out that many quilters are also tea enthusiasts. I am going to try some Rooibos tea now. Especially after reading all the health benefits it has. The site I found expounding its virtues also sells it but I figure some of the blurb is likely to be true.

I am also going to buy some Turkish Apple tea. The Tea Centre shop I frequent stocks this. You can also make your own. Here is some info from the tea benefits site on apple tea:

It says it is popular in Turkey and even sold in carpet shops :).

I love being part of Crazy Quilting Friday
You can see who is making blocks over at Quilting Fiesta.

Happy Quilting,
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