Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Dear! No sewing for a week :)

I have been a bit remiss with keeping up with my online friends. I have spent all my spare time booking things for my trip next year and we bought a new toy - an iPad 2. It has neat templates for putting in my trip info. DH complained I was hogging the iPad and the laptop last night. I needed to check a flight itinerary online so I could fill in the form on the iPad.
Here I am with my laptop, the iPad and my hard copy of receipts in the folder next to me.

We had a bit of excitement the other day. DH opened the front door and jumped back and closed it to stop the big python from coming inside. He crawled away and looked like it was going to go under the car so I poked it with the broom handle to make it change direction. It moves surprisingly fast when it is poked (so does DH) :D

Happy sewing,
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