Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pleased with some finishes

Even though I wanted to make my travel jacket it was a 'have to make it' item with a deadline. It feels good to just make something for fun.
I have one sock. It turned out perfectly. I love the way the yarn just knits into those fancy stripes. Knitting is an evening craft so I hope to get the second one done soon while I watch some Star Trek Voyager DVD's.

I have had pillowslips on the list for a while so I made one up. I have started a second one that will have a floral border on one side and dark brown paw prints across it. I think I will give them to my DD1 for her birthday. She likes cats.

The final thing is a place mat for the kitchen counter. I made one a while back and it is nice to have a soft surface to put my teapots on while I make tea. When it goes in the wash I miss the soft surface. This second one is mostly scraps. The cat is made of crazy scraps and the binding is the crazy binding I made a while back. As with the first one I used an old hand towel for the backing.

My DH's new (well old now) jeans are still sitting next to the sewing machine with the hems turned up.  When I finished the cat mat I moved the jeans a bit closer. Maybe tomorrow :)

Happy Quilting,
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