Friday, October 19, 2012

Brisbane Quilt and Craft Show

I had a lovely time at the show with my mum on Thursday. I planned to spend up to $50 on stuff but went over a bit and had to put a couple of things on eftpos. There were just too many wonderful things. I collected a few more ribbons for my stash and some cute washi tapes and a tiny quilt stand.

Ribbons on the little quilt stand

Then I got some owl earring charms and a cat pendant charm and cute little handbag zipper pull charms.

Washi tape owls and cat. Forgot to put the zipper pulls out.

Finally I got what I went for and that was a a couple of sets of handbag handles and  two little purse frames. At $13 all up I can play around with them and not feel that I have to justify $16 handles by making the perfect bag to go with them.

The quilts were amazing. The best in show quilt was beautifully hand sewn and hand quilted.

Quilt by Joanne Johnson
There were quite a few that I really liked. Here are just a couple.

The Applique on this one by Kathy Adams was just perfect.

I loved the colour and design of this one by Marilyn Thompson

Happy Quilting,
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