Sunday, April 7, 2013

How much is a cat quilt worth?

I used the formula I found on HuntersDesignStudio. She has created some discussion as indicated in her latest post.


Fabric ( 80 x 80 x 4 ) / 1440 x $12.50

I multiplied by 4 because the cat faces nearly cover each block and I pieced the back a bit.

Other materials were wadding, fusible webbing, thread and topstitch thread for the appliqué ,wool felt for the eyes.

Cost of materials came to $300

Now what about my time. Most of the fabric for the appliqué blocks came from my trip to the Craft and Stitches show in Puyallup, Washington State and from visiting many fabric shops throughout Oregon. The backing and the border fabric I bought online from the US. If I was restricted to regular shops and shops in my local area I am not convinced I would have been able to find the variety that I got and I know the price for the fabric would be closer to an average of $20 per yard. I don't think I can claim the business class trip to the US. But jokes aside it did take me a long time to collect up what I needed and this should count for something. Conservatively 8 hours over two days.

Next, I spent several days cutting the pieces and laying them out in different ways til I got the colour mix right. 2 hours just for deciding on the layout.

I didn't actually keep track of the time I spent cutting and sewing but I think about 30 mins per block from start to finish is fair. 49 x 0.5 = about 25 hours just for the blocks. Maybe count this and the layout time as skilled time at $25 per hour.

I quilted the borders with parallel lines and sewed the scrappy binding on using the sewing machine and the backing had some piecing. I am going to add 10 hours. This work was more time consuming work rather that highly skilled work so I am charging $20 per hour for this and the shopping.

( 27 x 25 ) + ( 18 x 20 ) = 675 + 360 = $1035

My time and skill are by far the greater cost in making this quilt and it is this cost that crafters everywhere find it hard to charge. How many times have you bought something cheap and the stitching comes undone or the seams fray or you saw 20 just the same on the rack . My time and skill and care results in a quality long lasting one of a kind product and I am entitled to convert this to a dollar amount.

I am going to write up a hard copy of this quilt's story to give to my daughter apart from the online evidence I have of the work I put into it. Apart from the idea of it having some provenance it is probably the most expensive item she owns and she needs to be aware of this just in case she has to convince someone of its value.

When it was nearly finished and we had some bad storms I put it all in a bag and put it near me so it would be safe from falling trees and easy to take with me. There was a lot of blood and sweat and cat fur in that quilt and I new it would take me a long time to get over losing it apart from the cost.

So, how much is a cat quilt worth?


How much is this cat quilt worth?


To me it is priceless. It is filled with lovely memories of the first bed quilt I have made and all the help I got from my cat Stumpy and the photo I have of the look on my daughter's face as she holds it up. She is a crafter and a cat lover so I know it has gone to a good home. I know that when I die there will be cupboards full of quilts I have made and couldn't part with.

Happy Quilting,



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