Sunday, June 23, 2013

Country Cottage Quilting

Since I bought a fabric range to do the Go Wild Garden quilt from this book I figured I had to cut off all that I needed for the quilt before I could play with it. No good having a lovely cushion or tote bag if I don't have quite enough to finish the quilt.

I have been busily cutting and sewing so I now have all the nine patch squares done and all the pieces ready to make the block bases as well as enough for the border squares. The half yard of burgundy should do the narrow inner border.
I put together one block base just to get the feel of it. I am quite happy with how the fabrics have gone together. The appliqué elements will be made up from the darker florals and any other bits that fit.

I calculated that it took me 15 mins to cut out a block and 15 mins to sew a nine patch together. It then took me 15 mins to complete one block base ready for applique. This is 45mins per block x 16.

I now have quite a few pieces of the fabric left to play with though I am thinking a couple of matching pillow cases might be nice with a daisy on one side. The back of the pillow case will just have to be a blending homespun.
OK. That's done and this is what I have left to do the appliqué. I think I can get away with using some for a few small projects. I still have some BOM catching up to do. I don't even know which Wednesday we are up to but I think I need to do a bit more on my North Pole quilt this month.

Happy Quilting

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