Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sewing and Other Things

It is so exciting to see the house coming together. The kitchen went in the other day and the tiler is doing the floors this week too. I am really happy with the open plan.

The yard just up the road has some nice grass.

The Bushfire Brigade have been burning off along the edge of the national park. The smoke the last few days has been pretty bad. I think they probably timed the burn so the fire was blown towards the road and the town rather than into the park. There is already a wide ditch between the bush and the road so a controlled burn blowing that way is not a problem for the firies but a nuisance for us.

I found some pretty grosgrain ribbon at the cheap shop while I was in Brisbane. It is perfect for doll tote bag handles so I have been making a bunch of cute tote bags.

I called this bag the Resort.

Dolly hasn't changed her clothes for a while. She is waiting for the witch costume. She had to stand on a moving box for the photo shoot and I had to level her up with a snack pack of rope. It is hard to find places with good light.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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