Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Show and Tell

I have really enjoyed trying to do the stitchery with Helen. It is not all that different to reading it in a book but I think Helen makes it sound easy and also look easy. I wanted to practice so I found the lovely kit that I won along with lots of other things in the June Christmas Through the Year with Allie. I was sticking the big pins (also part of the prize) in my regular pin cushion and I could see that I needed a cushion just for these pins. Luckily Stitched Sunday was up to satin stitch so I could make a fair effort with that. There was a lot of backstitch in this piece and I was very pleased with how it turned out. It will make a decent sized pin cushion for the large pins.
Stitched Sunday and Christmas Through the Year are in the right side bar.

Sandy from Cookies and Cream Craft hosts Monday's Show and Tell. Pop on over and join in.

Happy Quilting and Stitching,
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