Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Visit to Morpeth

I had a lovely time in Morpeth on Tuesday. Mum and I caught the 6am flight to Newcastle. It only took a bit over an hour. We picked up the hire car and drove the 40 mins to Morpeth where we looked around a bit then had a hearty breakfast at Crisadas Riverview Cafe.

The Hunter River, Morpeth , NSW
The main street - Swan St, Morpeth, NSW

By the time we had finished it was nearly 10 so we headed up to the Morpeth Gallery to see the teapots and find my tea cosy entry. I didn't win but my owl looked very respectable next to all the other entries. The winner of the birds section had a nest with chicks in it on top. I will have to work on increasing the cuteness factor for next year :)

A few of the tea pots
That's my owl in the bottom left corner :)

We had a leisurely lunch then back to the airport for the 4:30 flight home. A wonderful DH picked us up and we could relax on the way home. The weather was a bit cloudy in the morning fining up to quite sunny in the afternoon. DH said it had been rainy and windy at home.

I chose a handsome chicken tea pot to buy and mum very kindly bought it for me.

Happy Days

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