Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some trip highlights and 3 bags full

I had such a wonderful time in San Francisco and Portland and Puyallup. I was just stunned by the range of fabrics that the clothes were made out of in Saks. A nice price tag as well. It was fun to see things that I had only heard about or seen in movies. Macy's, Saks, Walgreens and Fishermans Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge and trolly cars.  I took a tour bus to Muirs Wood and walked through the Redwood forest then caught the ferry back across the harbour.

I was taken with the redwoods.

In Portland we saw fabrics and buttons and amazing scenery. The coast was very rugged. Mt Hood was a snowy wonderland with the sun out and snow falling at the same time. There were amazing waterfalls along the Columbia River scenic road.

Josephines Dry Goods in Portland
The button shop in Portland
The view from the look out at Cannons Beach
On the way to Mt Hood and Timberline Lodge
Multnomah Falls. So picturesque.
Our local guide was full of stories about the Oregon Trail and pioneer women and the history of the area. I loved her little toy canoe with Lewis and Clark and their trusty Newfoundland dog.

The food was to die for and I put on 2 kg. I had prawns in lobster mornay source at Jakes famous crab house and cherry pie at Cattins diner.

Then I had to get my bags home. I spread everything out when I got home. I bought a tea set, quilting fabrics, dress fabrics, 2 handbags, felted wool for applique, books and patterns and lots of ribbons and equipment. I have been up in my sewing room trying to sew up as many of the dress fabrics as I can so I don't have to put them away. I love sewing the slinky knits and they feel nice to wear too.

The fluffy thing is my great horned owl puppet with swiveling head and blinking eyes

A bag full of ribbons, cottons, scissors, tapes, elastics.

I have just noticed it is the 25th. I think I will decorate a few tea towels for my Christmas commitments. I will whip them up now and put them up tomorrow.
Happy Quilting,
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