Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 Christmas item a month

I have been whipping up a storm in my sewing room the last few weeks.  Finally I have most of my new things at least upstairs in the sewing room or spare room if not put away.

I have my coverlocker, overlocker and sewing machine on the go.

After ironing and folding my quilting stash looks pretty small.

I could look at and squeeze these felted wools all day :D
I finished up a tea towel and a casserole holder yesterday for my Christmas item. I decorated one tea towel then cut up the second one to make the holder side of the casserole holder.

There are two squares left to make pot holders or pot stands. I will try to get them done before I lose interest. I have some red tea towels and chicken fabric that I will use to make my Christmas through the year project. They are the sort of thing that only lasts a year or so in full use so I don't think it matters how many sets I have around for gifts.
I have been trying to get back in the rhythm of looking at my blog and replying to all the comments as well as commenting on my favourite blogs. The last two weeks have just disappeared. It was lovely to hear from all my friends again even though I have been a bit quiet over the last month. Maybe before the end of the year I will actually have some quilt blocks to show off :)

You can see what everyone has been making for Christmas over at our lovely hostess's blog Pins and Whiskers. Narelel has a page link in the menu at the top to pictures of all the finishes.

Happy Quilting,
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