Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tidying up loose ends

I have been trying to get several things finished before I go away. One was the Club Bag Challenge for Beenleigh Quilters. We had to use a given piece of fabric. I didn't like the fabric at all. It didn't go with anything I had in my stash so the challenge was to make something I like out of something I didn't like. After lots of thinking I decided on the simplest tote bag with my rooster design appliqued as a bit of an art piece. I think it turned out all right.

 Another project I promised to do was a cowl collar scarf for DD1. I just have to press it and sew on the buttons. It will be in the post next week. It is merino and silk. Very nice to knit with.

Only a couple of things left to finish now. One is the jacket I want to wear on my trip. It is well on the way so I am not frieking out yet :D

I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Yesterday about lunchtime I had to deliver a green frog from our spa to the dam. Later I was a bit itchy around my wasteband. I just scratched and didn't look. By late afternoon I was really itchy across my belly and down my leg. On close inspection I found I was covered in about 30 or 40 tiny tiny ticks called seed ticks. They barely registered as black dots. I put on some aeroguard to kill them a bit then I jumped in the shower and tried to scrub them off. No luck there so I had to use the tweezers to pick off every one of them. I now have lots of red itchy spots. I am glad I didn't have some more serious reaction to them. I must have brushed past some grass where they had just hatched.
This is not me but it gives you an idea of what they look like.


Hope your days are happy and tick free
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