Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tea bag wallet

 I tried out the tea bag wallet tutorial from Zoe at SewitGirl. I used the dimensions she said and found that three foil wrapped bags will only fit if you fold in the edges of the packet.

7  1/4 inches wide could be closer to 9  1/4 inches to fit three sachets. I also decided that the double thickness pocket was a bit bulky and since I don't use sugar sachets I didn't need the extra pockets. So I made it shorter and folded the end over only once. Total cut length reduced from 19 inches to 15  1/2 inches.

I then had to sew the strap on the outside and make it a bit narrower.

I like the tri fold pattern idea. It makes it nice and compact.

I have a sneak peak of a kitty item I am making for Quilt Kitty. It is a surprise, so don't tell her :)

Happy Quilting,
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