Monday, January 28, 2013

Hexagon Coasters - slit and turn method

I am adding a tea cup story so I can link up with the Tea party at Rose Chintz Cottage
I don't often buy cutesy tourist mugs but I just couldn't resist this one with all the iconic animals of Scotland. I picked it up in a big souvenir shop just as we left Edinburgh Castle and I really enjoy having a cup of tea and thinking about past trips and future trips to Scotland. I had to carry it safely all the way down to Bath on a two week road trip with my mum then get it home to Brisbane Australia. It was worth all the effort. 

I picked up a craft book on the free table at quilting group on Wednesday and it had a lovely coaster pattern in it. So simple and neat. I have been using this slit and turn method with my pincushions and I have used felt backing for some coasters and the slit and turn method but I hadn't thought of sticking an applique piece over the slit. The pattern is by Julie Nixon and available from Craft Lovers for $4

This gingerbread coaster pattern idea is free at Janome

A large hexagon shape can be downloaded for free at Math - Salamanders. Just scroll down a bit. Add 1/4 inch seam allowance to this one. Draw the smaller hexagon 1 inch in.

Here is a bit of a tutorial.

The interfacing, the helpful pin and the dot guides are my ideas.

Main fabric - cut two large hexagons
Wadding - one large hexagon. (Lately I have been trimming the wadding by a quarter inch)
interfacing - one large hexagon
Feature fabric - one small hexagon using fusible applique paper.

Interface one piece
Pin the wadding to the other piece
You need this pin to help you separate the fabric layers when you cut the slit. It is underneath as you sew so be careful not to drag it out. I had a lot of trouble separating the fabric layers on my first one. You just can't feel if you have one piece or two through the interfacing and wadding.
I now cut a 1/2 inch slit in the top piece before sewing and I spray baste the wadding to the other piece with just a squirt.
Put a little dot to aim for in each corner.
Snip all the corners. I used my little curved scissors.
Pull on the pin at the back and the interfaced piece in front to separate the layers and snip the slit.
Turn and press.
Fuse your applique piece over the slit.
Finish the raw edge.

More Linking Up
I found a lovely Create-a-long linky party over at Moments with Liz. This first quarter is a living/dining room theme. I thought my coasters would fit in here.

Happy Quilting,
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