Thursday, December 11, 2014

Creating some images for my blog header

I wanted to add some nice colour to my Doll Design blog so I played with inserting pretty fabric looking images inside the line drawings of my designs.

I normally use Fireworks for this type of thing. I find it easy to use without to many features that I don't need.

This is how they look. Pretty cute, I thought. In Fireworks you copy the floral image then 'paste inside' the drawing outline.

I figure a lot of people use Photoshop so I looked up how to do this in Photoshop. It is a whole new language for me! Not sure I want to swap to photoshop. My understanding is that it does do more than Fireworks but it is mainly for photo editing. I suppose if I want to make some nice marketing photos for my doll patterns I need to look at it.

Anyway, to do this in Photoshop you need to draw your vector shape on one layer. Get an image on another layer. With the image layer above the drawing layer, right click the image layer and select 'Create clipping mask'.

I haven't quite finished the blog header but I put up what I got done the other day because I really liked the look of it. Better than white space, anyway. I will finish soon.

I am still sewing lots of doll clothes. This time last year I was making a little Christmassy sewing things every day of December. I got 22 done. See my blog archive for Dec 2103. Scroll down to 23rd Dec where they start. I looked through them all and the gnomes are my favourite.

I made this bright little dress yesterday. The white bib is stitched on top of the bodice. I can see a lot of potential here for different shape front pieces sewn on rather than pieced. I am also playing with pleats so this skirt is pleated rather than gathered.

Why not visit my Doll Designs blog to see my latest pattern and check out my blog header.

Merry Christmas,

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