Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Easy Binding and a Sandy Intruder

As I go through my sewing room boxes I am finding all sorts of things. 

Yesterday I had an orphan block from the second quilt I started. I decided I didn’t really like the fabric so it wasn’t worth finishing a big quilt. I put together some of the blocks and started making a smaller quilt. This block is a left over. I have backed it and bound it to put under my overlocker.

I used the simple method of joining the binding for the first time. It worked like a dream.

I overlapped the binding tails and put a mark in the same place on each one on the raw edge instead of putting in a pin. I then cut off a short piece from the end and used it to measure and mark two points past the first marks instead of using a ruler. I cut off at the two new marks.

You still have to think as you put the ends right sides together and at right angles but it is so easy.

Another thing I tried today was a new thing at the corners. I stitched along to 1/4" from the corner then with needle down I turned the project so I stitched out to the corner and backstitched then pulled it out and did the corner as usual.
Angling out to the corner rather than stitching straight to the edge seems to make the corner mitre better. I usually struggle with the mitre but they all turned out great with no particular fiddling.

Most of my sewing is still doll clothes. I have the open neck blouse with the convertible collar almost ready to publish.

I have only had the Christmas tree up for a week and hope to put it away in the next day or two. I used every decoration that I had and I think it turned out really nice. Those are the last of my birthday flowers. They have lasted a really long time. My daughter had them delivered on my birthday. Such a lovely surprise. The other daughter had a parcel sent from T2 with my favourite things.

There was a little canister wrapped in the tissue paper.

If you have been looking at my blog you will know I have recently moved to the sea side. When we lived on country acreage I always kept a net with a long handle for toads and snakes. I brought it with me but I wasn't expecting crabs! I had to chase this little fellow outside. He is about 2" wide. Little, but he kept sticking his big claw up at me. I didn't use the net. An egg flip did the trick because he was near the door.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year for 2015.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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