Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cross Stitch, Applique and a Fun New magazine

cross stitch

I was certainly in a cross stitch mood recently. After doing the cup outline piece I stitched up this cute little cat in a mug design. It is all over Pinterest along with others from a set.

I inadvertently did the outline stitches in 2 threads instead of 1 but I am still happy with it.
I will be making this one into another tea mat using my scraps.

I have been busy this last week going through all my craft room boxes. I have managed to move quite a lot of the store for later boxes so there is much more room for my using now boxes. Things are looking much better. At the same time I have sorted and ironed all my scraps ready to start the Splendid Sampler and I have also filled another floss box. The floss skeins are down to the last bag or two now.

As a bit of a cross over project I have combined doll clothes with applique and thread sketching. I have a thing for pictures out of fabric or thread. They just call out to me.

This cute little A-line skirt is being modelled by one of my Australian Girl dolls. The 18" A-line skirt pattern is already on my facebook page as a free pattern and this 20" size skirt will be up soon, also free and including the pumpkin applique design. The applique will fit just as well on the 18" skirt.
If you like doll clothes then check out my Doll Designs blog and my Etsy Shop.


On Friday I discovered Daphne's Diary in the newsagent. The colours and designs and layout was irresistible. I have limited my magazine reading to library magazines on Zinnio for a few years now so it felt good to buy a lovely magazine in the flesh.

Once a magazineaholic always an addict. The first thing I did when I got home was to look up back issues. The only ones I could find in Australia were the two previous editions. It has been going for 3 or 4 years in Europe but I am sure it hasn't been here long. I am not prepared to pay for back issues from the Netherlands but I did pay $14.99 for each of the back issues on eBay. The newsagent one cost me $10.95 anyway so I thought the price was bearable. I can't wait to get them.

You can cut out these shapes...

...and create a necklace picture.

You can read about designers.

You can read nice stories and get craft ideas.
The back cover is a lovely sheet of paper with no text.
Hope you are having a wonderful crafty weekend,

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