Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I Love Teapots and Tea Cosies


Rather than get out my old tea cosies (most of them are stored in a box in the cupboard), I decided to knit a new one.

Some nubbly yarn scraps and some fluffy yarn left overs.

I used a cosy as a guide as well as a tea pot. There is always a bit of trial and error getting the fit right. I undid the first attempt after about 4 rows because it was obviously too big.

I combined the fluffy and nubbly yarn every 4th row. I ran out of nubbly yarn at the top so I had to make the top part all fluffy. I made holes around the top for the ribbon but the fluffiness made it impossible to see where they were so the ribbon just got threaded through best as possible using a big needle.

It is stocking stitch for the first 6 rows with smaller needles then the rest is stocking stitch with needles 1 whole size larger. I used 7mm and 8mm needles. The top is shaped by knitting 2 tog all the way across. After knitting 2 sides I put them on one 7mm needle.

I did knit 2 purl 2 ribbing across both sides so the top is done in one piece. I did about 8 rows with the holes around the 4th row.

I added some beads.

I love the way the bottom curls up a bit.

This one fits 3 or 4 of my medium tea pots.

Happy Crafting and Quilting,

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