Friday, August 24, 2012

Cat Quilt

I have been neglecting the cat quilt a bit while I played with the pieced birds but I managed to do some more today. I have also just rediscovered a bird applique book that I used years ago and will now make an applique wren instead of the tiny fiddly pieced wren. I think I have practiced that skill enough for a while :)
The cat quilt is now piled in row piles against the wall so I can use my gym again. I have been working hard with the weights and some intense walking. 4 weeks I have been exercising hard and have put on 1 kg. Ah well, at least I must be fitter.
I have been playing with another tote bag too. It has side gussets and the seems face out and are bound. It is so fiddly to get the binding on. I think having a plastic pocket on the outside makes the handling more difficult than usual. The second gusset is just taunting me now.
The picture shows the cat head, noses and ears just after I ironed them on. Now I have nearly finished all the stitching, wadding and quilting of the cat blocks. The quilt is for my daughter and she didn't like the parrots and mice blocks so I will be putting in some owls and possums instead but they will have to wait til I have some more pocket money for the applique paper next month.

Happy quilting,

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