Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 33

Doesn't the time go fast. Every now and then my husband and I talk about the things we did over the past weeks and sometimes we can't remember when we did things. We know we went to lunch at the pub but was it last week or the week before and most of the time there is nothing one could call significant happening.
As part of my efforts to make each week count I will be setting some goals for each week. Some will be part of longer term goals but some will just be things I like to do. I have noticed that I tend to do a lot of 'more of the same' kind of stuff so it all just blends together.
The main goals I want to achieve are:
1. Attempt something new each week.
2. Mindfully choose some skills to improve upon.
Each Sunday I will record my achievements. I guess I am aiming to feel satisfied rather than just comfortable.

The past week I have continued with some foundation piecing and I am getting the pieces on with a bit less thinking and stumbling. I am thrilled when I fold the piece back into place and it overlaps in all the right places. I also did some free motion quilting on this one. White swirls on the white, black swirls on the black and some meandering in green on the green part.

I also did a bit of drawing practice. I would love to make the bug out of felt so I drew up an applique plan as well.

I made a point of using my binding and bias maker machine so I become familiar with it. I can whip up a length of binding quite quickly now.

The new skill concerned trying new exercise routines and pushing myself much harder than before. I have learnt that I can push my heart rate up and keep it up without doing myself any harm. I was always a bit wary about over doing it. I worked with a  personal trainer for several sessions to increase my confidence. Now I will have to work at improving my exercise skills each week.

Happy Quilting,

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