Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 34

I did lots of sewing and reading last week. I worked on the cat quilt doing some of the saw tooth star blocks. I am thinking I might even try to finish my first ever quilt that is all stars.

I also tried a tote bag with the binding around the edges. It is not quite finished yet but at least the sides are bound now. I don't think I will do a bag like this again. The corners are a bit too messy.
I have started another bag now and will put the zipper in like I have seen on zippy purses to see how it works.

The outside pocket is clear plastic bound along the top so the strips wouldn't be hidden.

I tried a muffin recipe with oil instead of melted butter and it worked just fine. I used rice oil. it doesn't have much flavour. I can't tolerate butter very well and margarines that are dairy free are the expensive ones. So at least I know that rice oil is a fair substitute.

The new thing I did last week was to learn the second verse of Advance Australia Fair. I don't sing very well so my DH wasn't too thrilled with me practicing.

Can you believe another week has gone!

Happy Quilting,
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