Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 Christmas Item and week 38

I found a Christmas panel that I got on special at the last Christmas sales and made up the six fabric cards. I used my one reel of metallic thread for the first time to do the quilting rows and also used my metallic thread needle. Not sure what I will do with them. Probably make present tags with stitchery names on them or place card coasters might work.
Narelle from Pins and Whiskers hosts 1 Christmas Item a Month. Visit to check out all the great ideas.

I have had a lot of fun with Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/valspierssews/ . I hope to keep my boards to a minimum so I can enjoy looking at what I have pinned. Let me know who has Pinterest boards and I will have a look. I know I am a bit slow getting into it.

I love my Whiteboard app, free from the app store. It is so much better than paper for sketching things I see in my quilting magazines.

I drew up a bird design from a decoupage painting on the web and made the first cuts into my woven wool. I should have enhanced the photo. The wool colours are a bit brighter than that. I am thinking maybe a needle book or journal cover.

I have been doing lots of exercise both weights and aerobic six days a week. I feel great.
I realized I was sitting down too much reading or sewing so I have decided to be active for the same time that I sit. So far I have cleaned some more windows and done some pruning and I go for a 20 min walk in the afternoon. I will be doing some housework after I post this.

I was pleased I finished the sewing machine applique block and handed it in on time. It was my first time making a block for the quilting group. I felt a bit nervous that I may not come up to standard but if no one looks too closely it compares quite well. My hand stitching is a bit clunky. Sadly I forgot to take a picture.

I tidied my sitting room a bit and brought down Christmas cat to act as a book end. I rather like him. I think some owl book ends, or chickens or more cats would look good in my glass front shelves.

Happy Quilting,

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