Monday, September 17, 2012

Weeks 36 and 37

The week before last went so fast I have to post about 2 weeks at once. I went to lunch with DH's Radio and TV Survivors group. What a lovely bunch and the Pineapple Hotel is a great venue. One of the guests was John Stainton who worked with Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. He told a good tale. I also had lunch with my two lovely daughters and my mum. It was great to see the girls. I don't actually see them all that often.

I dragged out a couple of projects and made them into items that I now like. One was a small wall hanging that was the first thing I actually designed myself. All it needed was some free motion quilting to transform it. I couldn't do that when I made it. I have been reminded that I have learnt quite a lot over the last couple of years. The other project is my star quilt that I just never liked so the 4 blocks are on their way to being a square couch quilt with a couple of borders. I am happy with it now.

I sorted my selvedges and made a little table mat for my tea cup outside. I will have to work on making my meandering quilting a bit smoother.

I took some pot holders that were looking a bit old and unpicked them to reuse the wool flannel that I put in them. A bit of new fabric and they are new again.

While I had the owl fabric out I made a cover for the washing machine because the basket scratches the top so I couldn't pop it up there. I used a roll of non slip drawer liner as the backing so it won't slide off. I made a new bag for the clothes tidy and next is a new ironing board cover.

I downloaded the app called Errands from the iTunes store. It is free and will be good to organize my projects. Lynne at Never too hot to stitch!: getting organised on paper tablet shows how she is using it and I thought it looked good. I will go through all my projects and write them up with due dates.

I have downloaded the Blogsy app for several dollars so I can make a proper blog post from my IPad. This post is my first go. Wish I had found it before my trips.

Today I have to sew a block as part of the birthday quilt for a lady at the quilt group. We got a square of homespun in a paper bag and I was afraid I had thrown it away by mistake. I found it when I tidied up the computer desk the other day. Luckily I still have time to make it up. I won't have time to finish off the block before I have to publish this post. I have it in my sunroom ready to do the hand stitching. I am going to use my real gold thread that I got from a Japanese fabric shop in Melbourne to decorate the machine body.

Happy Quilting,



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