Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Sewing

I love to make each project my own in some way but sometimes I get a bit carried away and start making so many changes that the project never gets off the ground. Also when I look through my patchwork magazines I keep seeing wonderful projects but when I go through the fabrics I have there is always one or two pieces missing and right now I have no funds to add to the stash.
My latest little projects are a tray mat and a tote bag and some tiny half square triangle blocks made with scraps.
The tray mat is also made of scraps that I had to trim because they were all only almost square. I collected a bag of these scraps from the quilting group. I think they are fabric samples. I added a few applique mice to the corners and it should look nice after I do their eyes and whiskers.

The mice are in this lovely book by Darcy Ashton

I have been working on another strippy bag and decided to do some cats faces along the top edge. Instead of applique I made up a free motion sketch. I traced around the head with my blue stitchery pen then added the details and stitched away. I have included the sketch for you to use if you like it.

I updated my housework routine and for the first time since my travels away from home the house is starting to look nice and neat. There are still a few areas I need to get on top of but they will be dealt with by the end of the month. Since I am pretty comfortable with the basics of the routine I have grouped a few more things together on each day so I can have Monday (shopping day) and Wednesday (quilt group day) free. I also had to swap vacuuming and washing days from M W F to T T S. I have the new routine on my Housework page on my blog and I can check with my iPad what is on the schedule for the day before I get up. I love my iPad.

I was accepted for the Wicked blog hop and have been putting together a Halloween block. I am working on an applique scene with a haunted house in the background. Can't wait to make it up.

Happy Quilting,
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