Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Tea Cosy

When I can't think of what to make, a tea cosy or a tote bag are such wonderful props for a bit of fun sewing.
I like to collect greeting cards on my trips around. I display them in my glass top coffee table and cabinets that I walk past all the time. I have quite a few and every time I swap them around I find another favourite.
This one I got at the gift shop in St Martin's in the Field in London 2010.

I enlarged it a bit and made myself a tea cosy.

I love breakfast out in the sun and the path outside my winter parlour is a perfect spot.

Stumpy thought it wasn't quite warm enough for him yet so he stuck to his sunny chair on the inside.

I was pleased to get some mail. A lovely book on making landscapes that I won on A Quilting Reader's Garden blog. Thanks Angie.

I wasn't celebrating 4th July but it just happened that mum and I had a wonderful high tea at Tea and Niceties on Tamborine Mountain on Thursday. We joined the lovely ladies on the Brisbane Australian Sewing Guild tour. Mum and I knew a lot of the regular tourists from the Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide tours. The tea was $45 each but a real treat. Those little scones are to die for!
I took this picture with my phone and found it linked automatically with my Google+ albums. It was ready for me to just upload to this blog post. So easy.

If you like cute applique (and who dosen't?) check out Fat Cat Patterns. I have started collecting the doggy faces. I may not get time to make them yet but I just love them.

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