Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glass Applique

This is what I am calling my new venture.
DH was looking for something to do and jewellery making has always interested him. He decided to buy a kiln so he could make fused glass jewellery and it is a perfect companion to my sewing. I was excited because I could see that glass was a great medium for making quilt block designs.
Yesterday we fired up the kiln and made a couple of sample items. One was my first quilt block.

The nine patch is my first glass quilt block and the blue and white one has gone in today. It won't be ready til tomorrow.

The kiln is only small so projects will consist of brooches, pendants, ear rings, buttons and small dishes.

It is quite exciting to make things with the glass. This is how it looked while it was firing.

We have to experiment a bit but I hope to make some more complicated designs soon.

Happy Quilting,
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