Thursday, July 11, 2013

QAG Quilt Exhibition

Mum, my daughter and I had a lovely time looking at all the historical quilts. There were some unusual ones like the one made out of scrap fabric one lady's sister brought home from her job at the shirt and pyjama factory. It was all stripes like men's pyjamas. There were some amazing examples of hand quilting that looked impossibly neat and intricate and a set of four poster curtains all done in clam shells. The most interesting one was done by female convicts expected to maintain industrious feminine arts while on the ship to Van Dieman's Land but my favourite item was a set with tiny scissors and a matching tiny sheath. They should definitely have had replica scissors for sale in the shop. I love tiny things.
After much perusing of the items on offer for sale I bought a crochet book with lots of pretty square patterns and motifs.
For lunch we had the Patchwork Platter consisting of a delicious hot potato and mushroom tart, finger sandwiches and  two sweets. It came with a glass of sparkling white wine. We got the entry and the platter for $30. I highly recommend this activity as a pleasant morning out if you can get into Brisbane.

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Happy Quilting,
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