Saturday, March 1, 2014

Scrappy Block Challenge - Feb

I am really enjoying getting ideas for things to make from other people then making them fit with the fabrics I have. In the Scrappy Block Challenge you have to make something from the suggested block. It is supposed to be finished off so I am sticking to one block wonders I suppose you could call them.

Judy does a great post about each block with a tutorial and lots of ideas and colourways.

This time I made a new kitchen mat for the sink drainer using some of the shell fabric scraps from my shirt material. I repurpose a retired bath towel for backing with no wadding or backing fabric. It makes them economical and good for the sink. They look good anywhere because you can't actually see the back.

It is almost impossible to notice but I did free motion shells across the block. I know they are there at least. I can see me using this free motion design again.

Below is what it looks like. I got it from a site selling programs for long arm quilting called Urban Elements and I just traced it onto the block. This is the tote bag I made.

Today I am linking up with Scrappy Challenge at Patchwork Times.

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I am thinking I will do a bit of a post on how great I think Google+ is :)
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I think life would be much easier if everyone played on Google+

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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