Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something Old, Something New

What a sad lot this is. They will be much cheerier next month.
Sometimes I think I have too many linkies, challenges and BoMs on the go but today I have realized that they are perfect for focusing my thoughts. I knew I had a post about Something Old, Something New to do today so I got thinking about what I could do for old. My bigger UFO's are in storage. I remembered seeing a few smaller things just sitting looking at me when I was looking through some boxes the other day. Trouble is they don't just look at me, they taunt me :D
I can remember the enthusiasm with which I started these projects. So what happened?

  1. The fancy pink granny bag needed handles with a straight piece where they join the bag. Handles are too expensive and if I did see them in the shop I couldn't remember what size they had to be.
  2. The applique lady was meant to be a slip on cover for a book end. The hair is made of hundreds of French knots and I just got tired.
  3. The stripy thing is a folder/journal cover that I thought I would make and try some hand quilting. Yeah right! After a few rows my fingers hurt (I don't have a thimble) so now I know I will never do hand quilting. I guess this project served its purpose then.
  4. The cute wool bag I still love but the instructions didn't say 'make sure you put the flowers on the handle patches much lower down so the handles can be sewn on without covering the flowers'. Anyway the spotty plastic handles I wanted are way too expensive for the bag.

What I am going to do this month is:

  1. Put round handles on the granny bag. I already have a set.
  2. Finish the hair with some brown felt appliqued on.
  3. Quilt the folder cover on the machine, and
  4. Make felt handles for the bag.
For something new I want to play with free motion stitching on applique. I have done it a bit before but I just have a need to do something fun and free form at present. I have a few pins on Pinterest that I will use as inspiration. I think I will use lots of felt too.

Last month I managed to get an owl block done as something old and I also finished off two blocks from the new BoM Sew Kitschy. 

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Just noticed that I will be in Brisbane for the Stitches and Craft show. I plan to go on the Friday. I am sure I can find a spare $50 to spend.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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