Monday, March 3, 2014

Scrappy Stars for March

I am always looking for ways to use my scraps. This year I have had a special liking for HST and star blocks so scrappy stars seemed like a good way to combine everything. This scrappy star is made from a free tutorial I got from Craftsy. They almost look the same.

I made sets of 2 HST with a quick make method. I put two small squares on top of each other and sewed along each side of the diagonal then cut them apart. In the tutorial it says to cut triangles and sew them together so you get only one of each colour. I was planning on 4 of each colour.

Now I know a method for getting 4 of each colour all at once by laying two larger squares on top of each other and sewing all around the outside edge.

You can see tutorials for both methods and great sizing charts at Blossom Heart Quilts

Of course, I couldn't resist the method that gives you 8 HST the same by sewing along both diagonals and making 4 cuts. So today I am preparing to make a draw string bag with a circular base. I will use the HST on the lower half of the bag. In a book I got from the library the bag is called a pompador.

The 8 at a time method is described beautifully at Sew Mama Sew.

Here is a quick look at what I did.
I did some calculations to work out what size square I needed to end up with 3 inch unfinished HST. I thought about making 2 1/2 inch unfinished HST but I decide they would end up too small.
My square had to be (2 x 3) + (2 x 3/8) on one side or 6 3/4"
I use fat quarters and cut 1" of selvedge off then refolded and cut a 6 3/4" strip. I put the ruler so I could just see the edge of the fabric past the 6 3/4 inch line. I could then cut 3 squares from this strip. Each time putting the fabric a fraction past the 6 3/4 inch line.

I made 3 of each dark colour and 6 of the light colour.

Put them right side together and draw the diagonals in pencil.

When I sewed the seams I did a very scant 1/4". More like 3/8". My foot has the 1/8" markings and I line up with the first marking. I do a lot of my piecing like this. It is amazing how much you lose when you fold open the seam.

Sew both sides of each diagonal then cut. The first two cuts along the pencil line are easy. The second two cuts you have to make sure your block is square with the ruler.

Because my fabric is quite thin and soft I decide to iron the seams to one side. My HST are a perfect 3" square.

HST are one of my favourite play things :)

Today I am linking up with Scrappy stars at Majas Paradis

The first in the linky, Gudren, has made some great hexed stars from Quilter's Cache. I put pins for 2 types of hexy star in my Favourite Quilts and Blocks Pinterest Board

I am also linking up with Anything Goes Monday at Stitch by Stitch.

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