Thursday, April 3, 2014

Something Old, Something New

I had four old things that I pulled out of the cupboard to finish in March. Each had a bit left to do and they had sat there hiding for ages.
The granny bag I finished pretty quick. It was just a matter of sewing in the handles. I had to settle for the round handles that I had instead of the semi-circular ones specified in the pattern.

The wool bag was meant to have bought handles but they cost $14. When I finally sat down to do the handles I remembered I had some wool felt binding strips that I bought from Pendleton Woollen Mills on my trip to Oregon. The pink matched nicely. I folded the edges to the centre then folded it in half and sewed nearly to the ends. I rounded off the ends and sewed them in place. It is quite a little bag but will carry my keys, phone and purse to the shops OK.

Next there was my journal cover. Instead of hand quilting I just zipped it up on the machine. While at mum's I used her Bigshot to cut out some fabric flower shapes to bring home. I put some on the front of the journal, lined it and folded in the ends.

The lady with the french knots hair is still going. I decided to continue with the french knots so just a bit more to do there.
Didn't get to do much free motion applique but I did a bit on the journal cover and played with a cat applique sketching in some of the details with thread. It is filed away to be made into something later.

It was hard to find something for this month. I have pulled out a few more old things hiding in a box. The blue spotty pieces were meant to make small thread catchers but I plan to combine them to make one bigger fabric box. The triangle will make a little thread catcher and the cat fabric will be a zippy purse.

I am a bit stymied for something new but I am thinking I might do a bit more sketching or try to prepare some of my free patterns for adding to Craftsy.
I have remembered FNWF this month and will be signing up. I think I will be doing some felt stitching.
I am linking up to Something Old, Something New over at Never Too Hot to Stitch. Joining in is a great way to get motivated to dig out those old UFO's and finish them off as well as plan to try something a little bit different.

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There is a great tutorial for the little wool bag of squares design here.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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