Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Domestic Sewing - Market Bags

This morning I stood at door to my sewing room and sighed. I don't even feel comfortable showing you a picture of it. I am determined to look at everything before it is put away so setting up my sewing room is quite a task.
There is no rush though and I am quite enjoying finding 'lost' projects or fabrics that were bought for a particular project that was never started. I have a lot of little projects that need attention as I go through the boxes.

Yesterday it was a tiny triangle thread catcher that was fabric triangles with wadding. I stitched it up and still have to put two more buttons on it. When I finish it it will go on my bedside table to hold my earring studs when I take them off before bed. I don't always wear earrings but I hate it when they roll of the table before I get to put them back in the jewellery case.

Now for a market bag.

Today I came across the curtain fabric samples that I bought cheap from a curtain shop. I made one market bag from them years ago. Now, instead of putting them in a box, I am making more bags. I have finished one and the second one is ready to be sewn. There is more that I haven't cut off, hanging in the wardrobe but I think that can wait until my sewing room is tidy.

I used a green bag to get an approximate size. I was able to cut off a 4" strip for the handles. My rectangles for each side of the bag are 59cm wide by 41cm down. I used two pieces wrong sides together for each side to make it really strong.

I pressed each short handle piece in half, opened it out, then pressed the edges into the centre and folded it down the centre again. I opened it out then stitched each strip together to make one long strip. I then folded it as I stitched the open edge then the folded edge. I used 233 cm of handle strip. This is a standard way to make handles.

I stitched the bottom seam with two rows. I then turned down 2.5cm across each top edge and stitched it down 14cm in from each side. The side sections will get turned down after I do the side seams.

I layed out the handle strip so it went all the way around and joined up under the bottom of the bag. Between the outside edges of the handles measured 21cm and the length of the handle sticking over the top of the bag was 38cm so I could get two handle sets out of my strip.
(There is not much table space in my room at the moment!)

I stitched from the top of the bag, stitching a square before starting down one side of the handle. I stitched a square at the other end and stitched up the other side of the handle. I then finished the other handle section the same.

I then stitched the side seams and finished the top facing.

I decided to bag it to make a 4" base. I zig zagged over the first row of stitching just to make the corners a bit stronger. I also left the corner untrimmed so if the stitching does give way there isn't a hole in the bag.

To give it some nice definition I stitched each fold at the corners and I also stitched along the bottom folds.

Strong enough to hold a watermelon. It is on the bench here but I did test it out.

I need to make one for the doll too :)

This market bag is part of my year of gentle domesticity. I thought Jenny over at Jenny of Elefantz had a great idea to focus on the home this year.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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