Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Some Domestic Sewing - Knitting Needle Organiser

As my sorting out goes on I have taken time out to tidy up my knitting needles. I didn't want anything too fancy that would take me too long to create. I looked around at what I could lay my hands on and decided on the stiff bag interfacing as a background then rather than make pockets I settled on elastic because I have lots of that sitting in jars on my window sill.
I used pins to make a 1" slot to make sure the needles would slip in easily. I increased the slot size to 1 1/4" for the second half since the needles get bigger.

This is how it turned out.

They slip up and down so I have stitched up a draw string bag to hold them rolled up. I had to use the purple ribbon because that was the only ribbon I could find. I have a big zip lock bag of ribbons in a box somewhere. I only had them out last week and now I have no idea what box I popped them into to stop them getting in the way. I will find them soon as I go through the boxes a final time.

I have a pile of the bigger needles to sort out tomorrow.

The crochet hooks and the double pointed needles are another problem for another time. I will just store them in the same box with the knitting needles for now.

I printed out the first stitchery for the vintage kitchen free bom. Next I have to find some nice fabric to use.
I have also been busy trying to get my new doll design pattern ready for release. I have a little clear passage to roll my chair from the sewing machine to the computer so the sorting and packing continues each day too.
I made my first main meal from one of my cook books yesterday. It turned out so good. I have photos and I will share the recipe cut down for 2 soon. It has been years since I have done any serious cooking. It was such fun using some of my many kitchen utensils.

Happy Quilting and Crafting (and now Cooking),
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