Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 blocks - day 2

I am making a 12 days of Christmas table runner with blocks that have increasing numbers of parts to match the day number. The 12 days of Christmas starts on Dec 25th but there was no way I was going to find time to get into the sewing room yesterday so I am starting on day 2 with two blocks.
I chose a collection of Christmas fabrics that seemed to go together pretty well and decided on 6 inch finished blocks. I cut one square for block one then made a half square triangle block for block 2.
Not sure what I will do for a three piece block yet but that is tomorrow's block.

I also did some cross stitch today and finished my first needle book cover that will be part of my gift collection for the quilting group members next Christmas.

I have been thinking about my Welcome to the North Pole quilt. I will be using bright modern Christmas fabrics to make the houses. Probably the same ones I am using for the 12 days table runner. I will have to buy more for final borders and binding but there is plenty of time to sort that out. I will need to buy quite a bit of white for the backgrounds and soon. Probably a set of self patterned white fat quarters.

Several of you showed an interest in working on this quilt pattern next year. You might want to start choosing some fabrics and decide if you want to make the pattern exactly as in the book or make a few adjustments. I am working on a plan of action that we can all follow. Suggestions are welcome.

Happy Quilting,

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