Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love Pie

For some reason I haven't felt like getting the Christmas fabrics out but I have felt the need to applique. I dug out my Two Hour Mini Quilt Projects book and changed the pie design from portrait to landscape. I figure I can share my pie, apple and bird since they are only similar, just not in the same configuration as in the book. It's not that hard to work it out from my finished project photo.

I wasn't completely happy with my choice of the hat fabric for the border but I love the hat fabric and I love the applique so I am happy enough. It looks very handsome on my kitchen counter.
I practiced mitreing the corners of the border.

I cut the backing fabric about two inches bigger then did the quilting and trimmed the backing to one inch. I then folded it in and sewed it like binding. I haven't done this before. I seems to be a good way to finish smaller things.

I downloaded some colouring in letters (saved in my Pinterest) and planned to make a tea towel but it got transformed into a counter mat along the way. I put interfacing on the top half to do the applique then cut a piece of wadding just a bit smaller than the half tea towel. I folded it in half, did some quilting and then sewed two rows around the outside. The tea towel was 3 for $4.99 at Spotlight.

You can download the drawings from my Google docs

It is very hot in Brisbane today. 37 degrees C outside. It got to 30 inside and we have just put the air conditioner on. I nipped outside real quick to get a couple of photos in the sunlight. It was way too hot to play with props. Both these mats are twice as big as a mug rug. I call them counter mats. I need them bigger so I can fit on my mug, my tea pot and my cake plate and sometimes a little tea bag dish to put my tea infuser if I use one.

Happy Quilting,

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