Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Japanese Teapot

Spending way to much time as usual surfing the web I rediscovered a list of BoMs at that lead me to two wonderful teapot BoMs.
The Tea Time BoM is on now up to block 4 of 12 and it seems they will be available all the time. The blocks are in the right side bar.

The Asian Teapots at Angie's Bits and Pieces are lovely but most are now available by subscription only. I will be using them for inspiration for some personal projects.

I have been taking pictures of my classical teapots for a while now and drawing silouettes and applique elements but seeing the Asian ones made me get out my little Japanese pot with the birdie on top. I use it a lot because it has a strainer bowl inside but I like to keep it in the cabinet so it will be safe. It was a gift from DD1 after one of her trips to Japan a while ago.

I put together an applique design using fabrics from my stash. I would love to buy some fabrics just for making teapot blocks. Maybe next year. I like the finished product but already I can see where I will make a few little changes to the shape. I quite like the bit of wonkiness at the base of the cup but I think the base of the teapot has to taper in a bit towards the bottom. It looks a bit like a saucepan now.

This 12 inch block will be number two in my collection of blocks with my favourite things as themes. Things like cats, chickens, owls, teapots and anything else that takes my fancy. Since this one is a valspierssews original I am happy to share it. I haven't made the changes but I am sure you can fix it if you want to. I have made up a PDF with photo, layout and reversed elements.

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