Friday, December 7, 2012

Zippy Purse - Dumpling Challenge with Linky

These dumplings were a lot of fun.
We are using the dumpling pattern from Michelle Patterns. It is a free PDF download pattern and a good tutorial.

There are so many cute faces and extra bits like ears or handles or even legs that you can include.
There were a couple of difficult moments as I made my first one but nothing I can't hide.

Here is my first one. Don't tell anyone but the lining ended up on the outside :D

My second dumpling has Annie's Soft and Stable as wadding. Quite expensive but it gives it a nice firm and flexible finish. If there isn't a cat embellishment then it has to be a chicken. Chickens are so versatile just like cats.
I attached this one to my good old selvedge tote.

That's my little fold up hair brush and lippy in the purse.

Of course I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't at least try to do something a bit different. This next one is not an actual dumpling but many of you know that if it is not a cat or a chicken it has to be a teapot. So here is my attempt at a teapot zippy.

I know how difficult it is to write instructions and I know I tend to leave out some vital steps but for those who pretty much know how to make a zippy purse I have added a PDF with the pattern and some basic instructions.

Today is my first go a a linky party. I know there are a few of you who were going to make a dumpling so please link up your dumpling blogpost. I will leave it open till the end of December for others who feel the need to join in.

Link up with the your post not your whole blog.
Say you are linking up to this page on your blog post.
Only link with your dumpling purse post. We will have other zippy purse challenges next year.
I still love to get your comments even if you are not linking up.

Dumpling Zippy Purse Challenge Linky Party

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