Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another new project!

As you all know it is impossible to walk past a cute project and even though it was in the very expensive Magic Patch quilt book I just had to do it which meant buying the book.
There are actually several cute wool projects I plan to make after the bag.

It didn't always look like this. After carefully sewing all the squares together, I cut the lining , sewed it on and started the running stitch on the squares. Why doesn't it fold up right, I thought. It took me ages to realise that I had sewn the squares together in the wrong shape. It had to be unpicked and fixed. Luckily I had only done a few of the running stitch squares so I just undid the lining on the other end, unpicked the offending squares and across the centre so I could fit them in the right place. I am so glad it looks fixed.

Because it was now a different shape I had t cut off some bits of the lining and add bits on the end. You can see where I put the extra bits.

I ran out of brown thread for the running stitch so it is not quite finished. I can't afford the thread til next fortnight because I spent all last fortnight's pocket money on DMC stranded floss.

One of every colour plus the variegated ones.  From Cross stitch World online. Can't wait to get them all sorted.

Happy Quilting,
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