Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Finishes

I just had an urge to make something Valentine's related. I don't really decorate for it but I needed a new mug rug to replace the Christmas one on the little side table in the lounge room.

I have been surfing the web for mug rug designs as usual and thought maybe I should make one. I used a design with rows of squares set on an angle to use up some scraps. I had lots of 2 1/2 inch squares and strips to use so I picked out some pinkish ones and a few things I like such as cats, gardens and Paris fashions to add in. Several of the fabrics are the ones that I used in my very first sew along when I started blogging. It was a table topper called February Hearts and it is still hanging on the back of my lounge chair. The lovely host was Robyn at Daisy Quilts.

I thought a heart was in order so I used a scrap of that great purple I used in the latest needle book to make a fused on heart.

I also discovered a lovely scrappy journal cover idea that had me scrabbling through my scrap box and I found a little bag with some tiny nine patch block pieces and magnets. Ages ago I had made a tiny nine patch fridge magnet like one I had seen on a blog. I sewed a few more bits together and made another one. This time I put a slit in the back ( I used the slit and turn method) and slipped the magnet inside. It is just strong enough to hold a sheet of paper.

To make the tiny squares I sewed 6 1 inch strips together to make a tube then sliced off 1 inch sections. You then unpick the tube in successive seams to get the squares staggered. Each tube section makes two 3 square strips. Sew three together to make 9 squares.
I put interfacing on the backing fabric and pre cut a little slit. Put wadding on the nine patch then sewed the back onto the front all the way around just like my coasters. I made the slit bigger and turned it. I then slipped the magnet inside and stitched it up.
The magnet is a piece of one of those flexible business fridge magnets everyone collects on the fridge.

Strips, tube sections, putting the magnet in.
The one on the right is the latest one. I think it shows some improvement in my skills :)
The cross stitch heart is my first go at a covered button magnet. I really need to do it with linen rather that Aida.

Happy Quilting,
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