Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting Things Done

The cat quilt has been coming together nicely but it has now come to a screaming halt since I need more wadding and I have spent all my pocket money on other stuff.

I spray basted the 1st border strips to the wadding. I was supposed to do it in one wide piece but I forgot and cut strips.

The I sewed across all the strips in one inch lines.

Then cut them apart and stitched two together to fit down one side. Measured it up and sewed them all on. I pressed the seams open as I went.

Next it was the second border. I spray basted on two strips then quilted in a cross hatch pattern across both strips at once. I cut them apart and sewed them on. Then did the same with the other two strips.

Two borders done. Now I need to do the wide writing fabric border but I need more wadding.

The next wider border will make it fit a king size bed.

I drew up a design for my February mini quilt block. You can see it in my Mini Quilt Diary.
I have also finished the teapot block in my felt applique quilt. You can see my progress in my Summertime Quilt Diary. Not a lot of progress with Nanna's Farm but I have cut out some flowers for rows 3 and 5. I am keeping a progress diary for that too. There are also links to my three Quilt Diary blogs in my left side bar.

Happy Quilting,
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