Sunday, February 3, 2013

FNWF - Sand Pipers wall hanging.

Just a bit behind on FNWF

These oyster catchers are so cute wandering along the shore. I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it online at the Centre Diamond store and I determined that I would buy the kit and make it as a gift for my mum.
This shop is in Cannon Beach, Oregon a lovely seaside tourist town on the west coast of North America.

When I got it out and started to put it together I also started remembering our trip over the mountains to the beach. It had snowed on the mountains the night before and was raining now. We were there in early March 2012 so the weather was pretty cold.

On the way over the mountains from Portland we stopped at an old logging camp turned into a restaurant called Camp 18. Not very inviting at first but inside it was lovely and cosy.
They make the biggest tea buns you have seen and they go great with hot chocolate.

It was all made of timber and had lots of great carvings.

They even had resident kitties.

The weather was a bit better as we came down to the coast and the scenery was quite spectacular.

I finished up the applique stitching and then the quilting on Friday and did the eyes on Saturday morning. I now just have to do the binding and a hanging sleeve but I need to buy some more fabric for that.

I had a lovely time on Friday Night with Friends. I am sure if you were actually here you would have had to put up with looking at lots more photos :)

Be sure to visit Cheryll to see the list of everyone who joined in.

Happy Quilting,
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